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One of our amazing clients: TBA Consults, outsourced their social media management to Solva recently.  Today, we wrote and published an article on their LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter accounts.  We also designed an accompanying image as seen above.  We loved this article so much that we thought to share it with you.  Here goes:



The last quarter of any year gets people into review mode.  Have you achieved all your goals for 2015? Or are you stuck in a rut with low results?  Either way, here are 5 things you should seriously consider doing before 2016.

1. Be Brutally Honest

With yourself only, if you don't want to get into any trouble.  Bring out your list of resolutions for 2015 and go through each one.  Did you accomplish all on your list? If yes, is there room for improvement? If no, why not? Answer these questions with brutal honesty.  No sugarcoating. No sweeping unpleasant outcomes under the rug.  If you're able to be truly honest with yourself, then you're on the right path to becoming a better you in 2016.

2.  Adjust You Goals

Now that you can see your  2015 results in glaring clarity, you have to adjust your goals and re-write your list.  Some previously set goals might have been unrealistic, which was why you couldn't achieve them.  Other goals might have set the bar too low.  A good resolution list should have appropriately adjusted goals for your physical, mental, emotional, financial and spiritual well being.

3.  Stop Negative Patterns

It's easy to focus on all the great and positive things you want to achieve and neglect the negative things you do do which impact your positive goals.  Identify the negative habits and patterns that are so ingrained in your behaviour that you don't even notice them.  This is a difficult process and often requires external help from a professional life coach to achieve.

4.  Discuss With A Coach

Ok. A shameless plug-in.  We know.  But when Bob Nardelli CEO, Home Depot says, “I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum potential,”  we have to agree.  TBA certified coaches are ready to meet with you to discuss setting your goals for 2016 and stopping negative patterns.

5. Got It Together? Great! Coach Others

So you don't need this coaching advice.  You're happy and healthy. Fulfilled and living a purpose driven life. Millions of people want to be like you.  You should consider becoming a coach to help others achieve the utopia you currently live in.  TBA provides internationally recognised coaching certification for people just like you.  Another plug-in. We couldn't resist it.  So register to become a coach before 2016 by simply sending an email to reception@tbaconsults.com.

Happy New Year! 

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