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Client Spotlight: Plush Tissues Outsourcing Accounting

Established in 2014, Plush Tissues is a wholly owned Nigerian tissue paper manufacturing company in Nigeria.

Their products range from toilet tissue paper to serviettes and paper napkins of different colours and textures.

Ms. Wunmi Akingbohungbe, CEO of Plush Tissues, contacted Solva Outsourcing for accounting services. Solva immediately assigned one of our highly experienced chartered accountants to the Plush Tissues factory in Lekki, Lagos.

Ms. Akingbohungbe in the Plush Tissues factory.

Solva’s accounting consultants did a thorough assessment of Plush’s books, recommended an internal audit and an accounting software to monitor all expenses.  He also recommended a tax template for invoicing.  The training of staff of Plush Tissues on how to use the software is also part of Solva’s outsourcing accounting deliverables.

Many thanks to Plush Tissues for choosing Solva Outsourcing for their accounting needs.

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  1. I can be a representative here in port Harcourt. I have a space where I can use as a packing store. Pls I tried getting a contact to talk to the ceo. Somebody should get back to me.

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