Outsource Corporate Coaching.

High business performers and top athletes the world over know that good isn’t good enough. They look to coaches to help them reach increasingly high levels of excellence. The same holds true for global corporate leaders. They provide coaching to executives because they know it has the power to transform leaders, teams, and entire organizations from good to great. Coaching enhances a company’s performance by strengthening the essential competitive advantage: executive talent.

Solva’s key to success is based on improving executive performance by building leadership strengths that complement the company’s business objectives.  We refer you to the only International Coach Federation Certified team of coaches in Nigeria - TBA Consults where they can help you:

Address organisational challenges.

Companies request executive coaching to address a variety of challenges including a desire to:

  • Identify and overcome gaps and challenges in individual leadership styles
  • Enhance required competencies or job skills
  • Assist the transition of a new leader
  • Cultivate effective 360 degree relationships
  • Develop presentation skills
  • Develop political savvy
  • Manage change
  • Develop executive presence
  • Build an effective team

Enhance individual performance through tailored programs.

Although each coaching program is tailored to meet an individual’s unique development needs, you can expect some or all of the following elements in a program designed for you:

  • A battery of assessment instruments
  • 360 degree feedback report
  • Interviews with key colleagues
  • Face-to-face and telephone coaching
  • Resources and materials