Outsource Market Research

Market Research Deliverables

We help our clients optimise their business operations by providing a full range of research services.

Pre-launch Studies

We undertake studies to test a product concept or an idea prior to its market launch. We also analyse market responses to existing products and suggest modifications in the product or marketing strategies to be in tune with the market dynamics. The studies also suggest alternative distribution channels.

Market Research

We conduct a comprehensive market survey or a limited desk research - structured to client requirements - and guide you through all the steps of a research study i.e. from defining the problem, developing the questionnaire, collecting & tabulating the data, analysing, reporting and drawing conclusions. We undertake complex studies of business trends including short-term and long-term forecasting, pricing and acquisition studies.

Feasibility Studies

We help you identify business opportunities for both domestic and export markets and evaluate future potential for a product. These comprehensive studies also involve macro level analysis of government policies and business sentiments.

Industry Analysis

Offering an overview of selected industry sectors, these studies provide a detailed analysis of the market dynamics, major players, distribution strategies, promotional tools as well as the expected demand-supply scenarios.