Supermarket Fires In Lagos: HSE Outsourcing

In November 2015, news of a fire outbreak at the popular Prince Ebeano supermarket outlet in Lekki Phase 1 filtered through social media.  It came as an unpleasant shock to many residents in Lagos.  The extremely slow response of the fire brigade service meant that valuable goods and equipment worth millions, perhaps even billions, were lost to the fire before the arrival of effective help.  Thankfully, no lives were lost.

We sympathise with the management and staff of Prince Ebeano supermarket and wish them every success towards a bigger and better comeback.

This fire incident is reminiscent of the fire outbreak that occured several years ago at the Mega Plaza Mall in Victoria Island, Lagos. They have since made a bigger and better comeback.

Preventing and controlling a fire outbreak at a public trading space requires the implementation of a thorough health, safety and environment (HSE) plan by an experienced and certified HSE expert. This is largely missing in most shopping centres.

Why No HSE Plan In Shopping Centres?
There are many reasons why an effective HSE plan is never created and/or implemented. Foremost of which is that business owners and entrepreneurs tend to focus on their core business of trading and unintentionally neglect other vital supporting departments like a HSE.

Secondly, employing a full-time HSE team is expensive and time consuming. Having additional non-core staff to worry about is not a happy prospect for business owners.

Thirdly, once a business is insured the owners may take for granted the fact that their goods and equipment would be replaced by the insurance company in the event of a fire outbreak. Hence, they forget about HSE altogether and wait until something happens. Indeed, the insurance company can replace most valuables, but they cannot replace lives lost. Not to mention the paperwork and time consuming insurance claims process.

Why Outsourcing HSE Is Effective In Fire Prevention
If you own a home, office, shop, mall, warehouse, restaurant currently operating without a HSE team for any of the reasons stated above, not to worry, you can outsource one.

Outsourcing can offer greater budget flexibility and control. Outsourcing lets organizations pay for only the services they need, when they need them. It also reduces the need to hire and train specialized staff, brings in fresh engineering expertise, and reduces capital and operating expenses

At Solva Outsourcing, our HSE certified and experienced consultants visit your property for a FREE assessment of your HSE needs and recommend an effective HSE plan that suits your budget.

We train your employees on how to spot a fire hazard, use fire extinguishers and control a fire outbreak.

We also arrange regular fire drills to ensure all occupants of your building are aware of the nearest fire exits at all times.

Outsourcing HSE saves you time, money and protects the people and valuables on your property from fire damage.

Call us today to schedule a FREE HSE assessment of your business on 01-3428491 or send an email to admin@solva.com.ng

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