The Refined Trader

Taking full advantage of economies of scale, Solva trades in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) by purchasing goods in very large quantities and then selling to our network of traders across West Africa.

Buying in bulk gives us discounts which carry on into high profits after sales. We purchase anything from pencils to tissue paper, batteries to soap; at the lowest possible prices and sell to traders in major markets in West Africa at the highest possible prices.

Low prices mean bulk purchases and that is where your funds come in to make the purchases possible. Thanks to you, our Refined Trader, we can bulk buy at the lowest price and make profits.

FMCG goods have a high turnover and that is where you come in.  When you partner with Solva to trade, we share a portion of the profits to you.  We trade, you earn!

We hope you join us on this journey. Please feel free to follow our social media channels and tell your friends and family…you might just earn something for doing so!